I don’t feel like rewriting so I will just take a picture of what u wrote and please pass it on where to saved lives the most. NOT makes new ones

Not the same. Learn.

Our all guns down now all of you and not for later. Use it for something else. To make fireworks and that is all.

Please. Nobody wants to die.

And don’t use it in any schools anywhere in the world to have that many killed cows and chickens and fish and so much milk and eggs that you dare to sell it for one dollars and not plant anything and prevent us from planting fruits and vegetable seeds by asking for fees to make enormous empty houses by some not lasting design. Protest and remove that police or ed police from Yavapai and his peers and give him a job to burn all that fat by saving lives and not for later, now.

He is not a good leader. That is s good reason to make an intervention without killing and injuring and official one, because if will save all our lives at the same time.

Killing ant even in purpose kills humans. We need to learn better ways. One can offer sugary water too those who eat blood like mosquitos. Please, design it now companies. I tried water with brown sugar on rest areas of California and for that, you assaulted me using your San Francisco’s Police Force and you placed hate massage on my car doors .

Why? I want to live and be sane without drugs and let me do that don’t inject me with anything to kill massive amounts of living beings called cows and Chickens and pigs and squirrels and also dogs and cats and throw it away instead of estuvo or grow fat sick and confused even more by eating it. Even kids now have type two diabetes.

It is eating sugar instead f those that need that sugar, but sugar in itself that kills so stop lying stupid Harrison and confused authors of these ‘main stream’ idiocies because I read it again and I can’t stop laughing, it is this stupid.

Dr. JA Chevallier



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This Momring

Lethal plants programmed by humans executed, after torturing brutally an unknown number of animals and humans proportional to that first one. There has been an unknown number female animals fertilized for gain and proportional number of humans fertilized the same way. As a result there is a predetermined rage in brutal crimes, including rapes, kidnappings and diseases, that are sedated, to disrupt communication between same and different species of only one eco system that we live in, divided into many only based on out scope of perception, nothing more.

Stop killing and injuring, stop rapping, and trapping when you see it, run to save and prevent it without raping and hurting and injuring and killing. Stop killing. It killls.

That’s the only fact of nature.

There is only a colapse of the stronger, and fearful survival of a weaker, where there is no transparency of actions, and hiding crimes or hashing them up.

Stop killing.

It kills you, too.

Dr. Justyna A. Chevallier (born Wlodarczyk)

Consequences of Breeding Animals

Matching animals directly influences dating and mating habits and human psychology, affected by interference of devices that do these matchings and fertilizations, and humans: fating agencies, video productions, shows, sonic devices that aim at control of procreation or its enforcement, and are modeled on forceful minimal matching. That animal matching, which needs to be stopped and modified now, for the sake of humans, it is done anonymously, regardless of age, and who that individual is, to kill them, or to kill and have a constant supply of milk and eggs, and to sell: matching is forceful, regardless of familiarly, age, and preparedness, as long as fertilization is possible. It is done for forcing male on one or many humans, by medically caused erecting of genitals, or chemical one, or rubbing and artificial stimulation. It is done to many males, and one male is to fertilize as quickly as possible, as many females as possible. It is painful rubbing against genitals, or directing vibrations or sonic emissions. It can also be done by placing all animals in one place to existe one, and to fertilize as many as possible (kettle farms especially are done that way to produce milk called: ‘organic’).

It is still forceful and it is as brutal as fertilizing with a mix of semen done by a farmer to many cows by injecting that semen under pressure to s many cows as possible, regardless of their familiarity, psychological bonds, and it can cross family members, for example. It is perceived by animals as rape, and distorted by human practices, in reception. Normal response to it is disgust and rejection of the seminal fluid because of inability to breed offspring: parents did not choose one another, and offspring is assumed to be for kill.

All these practices need to be changed. Consequences of them are:

-inability to find adequate in humans. Mimicking in matching that breeding of farm and companion and work/locomotion animals. It animals and humans, it is based on random matching or on a non random matching: the most beneficial for breed to obtain milk or to obtain a steak material, or a new service dog, or a horse of the same pedigree: size, physical similarity to keep the same breed of a cow or a dog – pedigree, age, to have as young and age matching individuals.

It means that it it is done as rape: forceful, involuntary or forced by stimulation at the last minute of individuals that are not one another’s choice, on geographic proximity, and that is to mimic muting of dogs, and cows. It is regardless of emotions, preparedness, and willingness usually of both individuals. In humans, it is forced by devices, that mimic animals and distorted and completely overtook normal romance and rituals that humans have. In dogs, it is forced during bleeding of the female. Because pleasure that for two, and intimacy, that is derived from exclusivity and from being chosen, and choosing a partner based emotions, and each time, and longing for that one partner, that is mutual, and surpasses all other partners: it means that one partner is loved the most, and by both, one that longs and waits for the partner, particular one, and one the seeks that partner, each time the same one, because of love, it is distorted by practices done in animals: breeding horses (pedigree), breeding for meat (as much as possible and as fast as possible: using tools and semen mixes). Dogs and horses are reflected in eugenics and in ‘developed’ countries. The culprit of it is ‘racism’ which is nothing more than trying to obtain the same breed of a ‘horse’ or a ‘dog’: sustain pedigree. It is also to prevent emotional bonding, and done during bleeding in animals in females, so that the little ones can be sold and male and female, separated, because they don’t have a chance to love one another and experience pleasure from it. That is ‘purity of blood’ – meaning also degenerating of variable expresiveness of characteristics: matching and crossing family members, that leads to seizures and diseases to obtain as close characteristics to the ones that a given breed has and that there are wanted. It leads aggression, to killings, that mimic sacrificing of animals that brake a leg, or that are not fertile, or that are not willing to mate.

It leads to shifting in place to separate males and females, do that one male that is a good runner, fertilizes as many females in different locations to preserve those characteristics and give them to as many children as possible. It is then reflected in humans, and there are multiple techniques and services, literature, songs, that are stupid that that prevent romance and prevent, distort and disturb the essence of humanity: love and our particular rituals, in alignment with rational and emotional minds of two people only. It leads to fixing, to forcing by a third party a particular person, forceful separating, and deadlines of love: forceful divorces to breed as described before.

Degeneration of humanity in any supremacy cultures is done or rather: happens because of unskillful breeding of animals, in particular: horses, dogs, cats, animals for a characteristic: for leather, for example, and fish.

It has a direct effect on humans and it is reproduced with or without technology and overtly or covertly. It always brings eventually diseases and aggression and desire to die, because of disgust: one is forced against and toward people that one doesn’t want and that don’t want one for gain, or (in humans) in becomes a law, or a culture, that people have no insight or understanding of, and leads to exterminations, and suicides, and to childless relationships, and to relationships, that are not monogamous and lack reciprocity, and that are predetermined in duration.

Second model of degeneration of humanity and romance, as an expression of our uniqueness is the reproduction for meat and produce. This is done to have one male aroused and fertilizing as many times as possible one female, who cannot refuse and regardless of if she wants to have these or not, the as cows for milk: they need to be pregnant to produce milk. It is also done to have baby killed and therefore, insemination is also done by semen of any bull that is purchased, and that is inserted in a device and all females are fertilized at a farm by that semen. It is reflected in in vitro fertilization.

Another degeneration is because of hunting. It is done as ‘forbidden love’ – love that is based on mutual choice, the same birds, mating is voluntary, and relationships often del life, but becomes distorted by hunting seasons. That means that animals need to escape from their partners to protect them, or from one another, to protect one another because it is easier to shoot at a group (more than one), and often cannot find one another after s season is over, and that is why they separate.

I am against hunting and squirrel on my car represents all dead (killed by stupid humans) squirrels from last hunting season in Arizona.

I am not a cow, a pig, a hen, or a pheasant or s rabbit or a horse. Do not test me, don’t check my teeth or my health, don’t force me anyone based on any characteristics or location, don’t stimulate my genitals or my mind by obscenities or by electricity or by sonic radiation, don’t force me to separate to to join with with any groups or any particular individual. Also, don’t you even dare to approach me with any family members, any children, dressed like adults, and infertile or not off age, don’t you dare to force on me any other paired up humans or any other species. I also don’t want females who are confused alike cows, or turkey or hens, where there is only one rooster, or one bull, and no matter how he is, he fertilizes them all, or semen is sent from some bank. I find this so disgusting, and that is why: monastery is out of question, also, because voluntary celibacy is substituted with practices done to hens, or to cows, or other animals that give milk or eggs, therefore, consider females more valuable, and males less important, therefore, regardless of how that male behaves, he is superior: the is less.

I described the normal behavior of humans many times.

It is as follows:

– there is one man and one woman, who need to find one another in space, and that, if we were not killing and injuring, that leads to disease death, and to violent crimes, and to accusations of those who understand it, to force even a mother sexually in a son or a daughter, to prevent human behavior because of enraged animals: humans are responsible for these cruel, stupid practices and we get insane because we don’t want to stop them, and let go off milk, eggs, meat, leather, horses, and cows, dogs and cats, and shooting and fishing.

If we did, we would be able to assume immortality, and have one partner, or none, and that would be a voluntary choice: either I have one man, or I have one. Any sexual relationships are because of breeding of animals. I have been trying to explain that to you on this blog.

I never have had anything that can be called: ‘sex’ or ‘love’ towards another female, and it is because it is not possible. It is forced on us because of what we do to animals.

Because there are 20-30 cows and only one bull, those cows they develop bonds, and a bull or a sperm is sent to be injected to all females. That is done to females that stay with females, or in group home places, to breed, because we are this degenerated.

I am against all group homes, all shelters, all hospice and old age, and against dating is schools, and campuses. I am also against jails (that was my resent work. I need to do grants now), any psychiatric hospitals (that was my older work), and against any sort of separation or institutionalizations, including juvenile detention centers, or boarding schools. I am also against apartments and leases of apartments (loans and lease are always with assumption of temporary arrangement and it is wrong: it promotes death as a goal)

Why? For as long as we keep trapped animals for any reason, and we breed them, for as as long we won’t be able (only very few humans) to be with a partner of choice, or know what it means, we won’t be able, also, when we are, to have pleasure, stay together, or have kids, and stay together without being forced or taking medication to stay together.

I divorced because the attempt to have children resembled insemination, and I am not a walking uterus attached to the rest of the body. It is unfortunate that most females are treated that way, and males divorce or aim at killing a female, like a cow, just after a baby is born. Some when it is already conceived.

It also happens the other way around. Cheating is a result of an intent to survive because a society mimics a breeding bull and cows. If a bull fertilizes many cows, it has right to survive. It is not because that man is actually interested in all these females. That is why I also wrote about rape being an assault with genitals, because a man like that hurts himself, and usually feels hatred and disgust, not much more, but more discharging semen moment, and it is aimed to deserve like a bull a survival: food, and place.

We need to stop hurting animals and greeting them like objects that we can do whatever we want with.

If we don’t, we will extinct as species or degenerate to such degree, that we will be beneath animals. It is the case many times already: when it comes to tenderness, honesty, ability to care for one another, ability to care for offspring, to stay with one partner only and without threats, or having others force a new one, or separate the couple, as it is done with caged birds.

If you don’t listen, and don’t read and do what I am saying, we will really keep on degenerating, and we don’t have to do it.

What I am saying is simple:

Stop trapping animals, regardless of how they are. Release all that are trapped to survive on their own in their natural, or close to natural habitat.

That includes all dogs, exotic animals, hens, cows, pigs: all, let them out.

Don’t choose them partners under any circumstances: let them out. If they had already partners, let them find one another, don’t separate, don’t sterilize and don’t force new partners.

Don’t inseminate and don’t force feed any dead species of other animals, or their excretions: vomit, poop, milk, saliva, vaginal or penile excretions, or water of another animal, they are as inferior to plants: fruits and vegetables, and water and fruit juices.

Do not give anybody blood, bone morrow or body parts or tears!

It is horrifying snd wrong. Don’t force eggs or milk.

If you stop doing it in animals, the culture of humans will adjust, by itself, with much less effort.

To prepare:

-just as I al doing – all over the place, place fruit trees: apple trees, banana trees, mango trees, pears, as if it was decoration. Instead of decoration. Place beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers: plant them. All over USA and all over other countries. Make the plants match the climate all over USA and the world. As little effort as possible that is necessary to keep them is recommended

Next. Place water containers all over to collect rain water. That is my solution for California. Separate water sources for all animals, by proximity and by how we drink it, and how we wash it.

Make sure that water is everywhere, and it is not s luxury.

Ban hunting, fishing, breeding and hurting any animals, for any reason, ban trapping them.

Ban sterilizing and neutering, and fertilizing.

Ban training and rewarding, and ban force feeding. Ban mutilating to keep, and ban killing and and ant drugging up.

Let them all out by using transport cars to their natural habitats, and if it is not possible, where we prepare space. Not at expense of humans, we need to be able to have fruits, vegetables and clean water too.

All nutritional value can be taken only from those, from conception to death for all.

Feed all those that drink blood or attack: I already left sugar containing jars, and a foam, soaked in it. It is for insects and any other organisms, that now feed on blood of humans and animals or on excrement. It is bad. It is better to feed on sugary water.

I will add some other powdered proteins from plants and maybe fruit based fluid to make it good for mosquitos.

If you have any already designed, let me know and put it out.

If not, ask pharmaceutical companies to work on that: food injury and death and rape free for all species, that with time, won’t need anybody to provide, so that we don’t have to give it and nobody had to beg or deserve it, or wait for it.

One that will or is already, accesible in the environment without fights and without injuring, raping, killing self or others, and it is not mixed with bad, smelly things.

I would talk to you about Harry Potter and about Monsters, and that show that is a result of what we do to animals, and it really happens: we do it, even if we don’t have a male mask of a wolf, to another human, or a mask of a goat, or a Kosher killed cow or a duck (last case).

We do it because the animals reincarnate (carnin or carne: mean flesh: embodying another entity that injests parts or whole bodies of another one as medication or food). It only happens and brings violence if it is done by stealing, raping, and injuring to death: money distorts our perception of it.

You walk, talk and behave and you get enraged instead of a cow or a bull, hen, or a pheasant, and you lash out and seek conflict with others because these animals become you: reincarnate – ‘your body’ now.

There is no reincarnating after death unless one is eaten. That is what Buddhist don’t see.

Soul is a breath.

That is all. There is nothing else, only projections of energy. Once a form is gone, there is no energy to be projected from it, except for what that person or animal produced.

That is why, those impressions of dead people, they are not trapped people, once the form is gone and life less. It is what is left after them: voice, clothes, movements, videos.

There is no computer soul catcher because souls are breaths.

Reincarnate means: to consume another entity, it can be as s breathe (burned) and have it become oneself.

Results: we do what was done to that animal, or a human if we eat or breath it, or drink it (water) – we breed or volunteer to die or to have our loved ones bred or killed, and that is expressed in tattoos, movies, songs, piercings.

We don’t have to die for sure or injure or rape, or drink one another’s fluids.

Change with me now you and all around you.

Love won’t stop to exist. It will become specific to humans: human romantic love.

You will see that one loves for life and that it is the true happiness and joy and it doesn’t lead to any gains or losses, in money or in survival, if we stop hurting and raping animals, and breeding them, to do that same thing to ourselves, and others.

Moreover, you will see that one doesn’t have to have anybody and that is delightful as well. It is a choice of happiness for two, even when one finds a partner.

That is all.



Buuuu to show: Animals and it means: dislike

The same: dislike to trapping humans and animals, or killing or trapping any of us, by tricks or by force.

Thanks on behalf of all animals!

They are real. Same as children trapped at the order of Mexico.

I am not customs. Let them out.

Let all out.

Jenny also is not impressive. She is torturing animals, and all her proffessionals in zoos by cutting their wings or tricking ‘for show’

Dr. Justyna A. Chevallier

Let them out, in the name of Jesus and Buddha that are dead, and thought all us better than that.

That is a Doll: Chopped Off Head of a Man.

Don’t mistake it with humans, anywhere in the world, including here.

And that is also for all that kill and laugh it.

Not funny to be injured or injure: learn that

All over the world from my blog and from me.

And pay people for work that doesn’t sell cigarettes or weapons, and kills massively anywhere: that is not worthy to be called ‘work’

Jesús is dead. Save yourselves, all by yourselves: curtesy of Universal Studios Store.

I don’t need that, thanks.

Enlighten by that: no need to kill and injure at all, or promote it in the movies.

Dr. Justyna A. Chevallier

The Place to Go to Hard Rock Cafe: USA, not Paris for Karnowski and his Arrogant Family

I am here, now it the time, not then, when we came to see France, and that because it was made and it famous in USA.

In Paris, France, it is better to see Le Louvre. You can ask Eleonore Chevallier.

A an passerby from Honduras took a picture. I thanked. It is enough.

Taking a picture by oneself doesn’t make anyone a sociopath.

Learn that and stop lying on the news.

DSM 666 is on this website, and I will publish it if you want: all over the place, in paper, or in stone, if that is what you prefer to stop killing and injuring all of us.

That is from: Doctor Justyna A. Chevallier, who made a career by studying and for free based on grade average and passed entrance exams in Mexico, and in USA, by an upstanding work and for nothing at all many times.

Life and staying alive is free.

Don’t ask to pay for anyone: humans and animals alike to keep is alive.

Killing, it kills.


That is all. Learn that from my art car that is truly worthy to be called art that saves lives, and that doesn’t advertiste and ask for injuries and deaths, alike many anthers.

Protect it and don’t take anything from from it, unless offered.

Thinks are very well glued and there is a coconut for free, if you apply what I do for your life style, and for all to share.

From Hollywood, I finally can afford it by buying a ticket: and so could have had DR. Arnaud when we came here the first time.

Don’t mistake me with him and don’t hurt him, either. It is not ok.

Dr. Justyna Agnieszka Chevallier

Picture authored by a stranger from Honduras, in a t-shirt with USA flag.

Don’t fold it with him and don’t kill and steal for any reason.

I am growing s tomato till I get s land in my car. I am allowed it is bought here, not for any stops to extort under any excuse.

Attire worn in a hospital is not be worn where food is sold

It is basic preventative measure.

Courtesy of Mexican public health inspectors.

A valuable lesson for USA

Police is to ask a person in a uniform for the same All all of us, to leave a place and do not spread germs from people that one atttended from this AM till now: this woman and all the rest: change.

For public safety’s sake

Dr. JAC in behalf of atall, trust me on that. Do not hurt ‘enforcing’ – enable and teach and learn.

Shell and Elain who Was Forced out: She is From Scotland

It was also a violation of federal employment laws by their employees: in happened in Houston, Texas.

The same happened to my Greek acquaintance, and it was one of those oil extracting companies, too.

Discrimination against foreigners is also wrong, and we are protected under USA jurisdiction: ya’ll.

In theory, because in practice: police steals and allows robbery in the bright day. Dislike that: ya’ll all over the world.

Dr. Justyna A. Chevallier

PS. Because my ex-spouse made a dedication, instead of adding me as a reviewer and an author of some sections, it doesn’t mean that me le him, we deserve to be killed for that, or that we died. I am alive, and I am beloved to myself. That is enough